Specialized Trucking

Specialized Trucking

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Transporting Specialized Cargo


Transporting your specialized cargo is one of our strengths. Importers and producers of construction and manufacturing machinery into and out of the United States, Canada, and Mexico can count on AWL to provide the expertise and equipment to get the job done safely, on schedule and at a competitive price. 

Because of the variance in oversize and overweight regulations from state to state, we take extra care to make sure each state approved route is double checked for accuracy before the load ever moves. For extremely heavy cargo, we provide multi-axle trailers and dual lane transporters which can handle up to 400,000 lbs. Let our heavy haul experts provide you with a comprehensive plan for your oversize / overweight loads.  Construction and mining machinery, pressure vessels, press machines, transformers, circuit breakers and agricultural machinery are products we transport on a regular basis.


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